ConsenSys Settles Lawsuit With Former Venture Capital Chief Kavita Gupta

Ethereum software developer ConsenSys has settled an acrimonious lawsuit with its former head of venture capital, Kavita Gupta.

“ConsenSys Mesh and Kavita Gupta have agreed to settle their respective litigations against each other,” a ConsenSys spokesperson told CoinDesk. “The parties agree that ConsenSys Mesh has not breached any of its contractual obligations to Ms. Gupta.”

Two people with knowledge of the situation had earlier told CoinDesk a settlement agreement had been brokered.

Lawyers for Gupta, who worked at ConsenSys between 2017 and 2019, had filed a complaint against the company and asked for at least $30 million in monetary damages.

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Ethereum builder that was recently valued at $7 billion, had responded to Gupta’s lawsuit by filing a legal complaint against her alleging resume fraud in January.

The exact settlement granted to Gupta is not known, but a source told CoinDesk it was “give or take $10 million.”

Another source said the settlement was considerably lower – closer to $3 million.

Lawyers for Gupta declined to comment.

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